Strange Things…

Just thought I’d share with you a few strange things that happened yesterday.  They’re really nothing but they tickled me and if I’d had my camera I could have shown you, but I didn’t so you’ll just have to use your own imagination and believe me.

Firstly, I’m on my way to work to a place called Killin (Yes, great name for a place).  It’s about 25 miles from Crieff but the drive is just pure scenery.  Anyway, part of the journey is quite a long, but not too steep, incline.  Up ahead a couple of cars were slowing and I noticed a couple of cyclists ahead of them.  I just cracked up.  They were kitted out in full cycling gear with expensive looking racing bikes.  The guy in front was pumping the journey out, notching about 3 mph.  I know this because the guy at the back was walking and pushing his bike and keeping up with his mate.  But, to top it off he was…smoking a cigarette.

Second, I’m on my way back home from work.  A long day getting 3 kitchen floors finished had me leaving work at 8 pm, so it was getting dark.  I’m coming home on a different route, basically in the middle of nowhere, and I see a sign saying ” Mud On Road ” and then 3 blokes walking away from it.  I was going to stop and ask them to sing “Tiger Feet” but didn’t think they would get the joke.

Third, about 8 miles from home, you drop down into a glen and in semi darkness its quite an overwhelming sight with the mountains ahead of you.  Anyway all of a sudden a large rabbit runs out in front of me, caught in my headlights.  I brake hard and as I do another 3 or 4 run after it and then I see the very fresh and flattened rabbit in the middle of the road.  There’s blood everywhere.  All I needed was for Art Garfunkel to be sat at the roadside singing “Bright Eyes” and my whole Watership Down experience would have been complete.

Anyhow, you probably had to be there to fully appreciate them but I thought I’d share them with you because I wanted to post something before my Friday Flash Fiction entry, which I haven’t even started yet.

Leave a comment if you like, if not……I hope your weekend is totally ruined.  🙂



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15 responses to “Strange Things…

  1. You just have to love smoking health nuts.

  2. Despite the fact I invariably smoke a cigarette whilst on my bike it definitely wasn't me!I once fell over in a spikey bush whilst pissed and couldn't get up again. A very nice copper found me and gave me a lift home.Bicycles are dangerous in the worng hands…such as mine…;-)

  3. Haha!That was quite a day! I once saw an older lady, about 60ish, jogging with a smoke in her mouth. She never took it out.. just puffed away with it stuck in her yap. :PPoor bunny. :(Hope you are having a great weekend!((Hugs))Laura

  4. Damn if Mud doesn't sound like Sweet. It would be really easy to mash "Tiger Feet" with "Ballroom Blitz" or "Willie."If you ever get to drive out this way, Utah and Texas have roads where dozens to hundreds of rabbits just stand there by the highway, transfixed by your headlights.

  5. Cyclists….. (I know there are some good ones out there but I always seem to drive behind the nutters)Mud – you sure it wasn't the 'tribute band' on tour?Rabbits – we have a large roundabout just up from us on the main road up to the M6 where a huge colony exists. At certain times of the day you can witness literally a couple of dozen of them. With traffic whizzing past at 40-60mph it's amazing the place isn't littered with bunny corpses. But just across the road there's open country which drops away to the Oxford canal and here there is a another rabbit domain…or have they just tunnelled right under the dual-carriageway…?Talking of floors, we were discussing whether to rip up the carpet and put down laminate…..don't suppose you do house calls this far south, David? ;-p

  6. *Bump comment to avoid a shit weekend*

  7. That's neat, That's neat …

  8. After a day like that I would have expected to hear Twilight Zone music or something.

  9. That was hilarious about the cyclist and the cigarette. I had a similar experience with a large raccoon running under my car on the way to work. Car 1, raccoon 0.Sounds like good material for future stories to me!

  10. Enjoyed your little anecdotes, Dave – especially the 'Mud on road' one which I suspect not everyone will get.I won't mention the footy – oh, shit I just did!

  11. Cormac is right David, come by and visit me in Utah, and I'll take you out where you can't not hit a rabbit while driving, they're a dime a dozen here!!! 🙂 Oh and I haven't started my FFF yet either…

  12. Strange indeed. Sometimes you have to scratch your head and wonder (as your t-shirt says) WTF?The art garfunkel song and rabbit blood would make a killer tale.

  13. Great surrealness to your observations. Laurita is right… Where's Rod Serling??Your countryside sounds GOREGOUS. Wish I had scenery like that…

  14. Killed a rabbit a couple of weeks ago myself driving to work, freaked me out and my cosmic karma account had to be balanced.

  15. What the hell man, between you and Beach, you guys are conspiring to murder the entire animal kingdom!

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