New Additions To My blog…

This is only a quick one.  If you check down my ‘side-bars’ you will see that I recently added “E-ZINES“, a segment that I will be adding to in due course.  Those of you who are looking to read work by other fine writers will find some great stories and pieces of flash and micro fiction on these sites, as well as information on submitting your own work.

Today I have added an “INFORMATION SITES” segment.  Sandra Seamans blog, ‘My Little Corner’ is a gem of a site and she is always finding new and useful sites where we, as writers, can send our work, read articles on writing, author tips etc, etc.  A site well worth a look.  On Sandra’s site today, she posted a link to another site that is also a great advice centre for aspiring writes to send their work.  I had a quick look around and there is some superb info on there.  Her name is Cindi Myers and her site is ‘Cindi Myers Market News.

So, there you have it.  If you’re sat there with a top piece of writing in front of you and you don’t know where to send it, well, you’ve no excuses now.  Both sites will be a permanent feature on my blog and will be added to in due course.

Happy writing.



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6 responses to “New Additions To My blog…

  1. Thanks for the links, Dave.

  2. I already visit Sandra's blog, but will check out the other one now – cheers, mate.

  3. Thanks for this, David. I've heard of 'My Little Corner' but not Cindi Myers' pages. Oh dear – even MORE time to spend on the web…. but thanks, anyway. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the info David.

  5. You misspelled center. ;-)So, how about that United?

  6. Thanks for the links, David. I'm going to go check out Cindi Myers right now. Good stuff to know.

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