FFF #27 Pushed!…

Ok.  Friday Flash Fiction time again.  This week Mr Brown gave us four words that he wanted to be in the story, but in no particular order.

The words are in blue and I apologise right now for the first one.  It’s ‘tongue-in-cheek’, and before you ask, yes I do know what it means.

Thanks again to Cormac for hosting FFF every week.  Just lately it seems to have gone from strength to strength.  Keep it up guys ‘n’ gals.

Now, I need to apologise for my contribution.  I have guests at the moment, and as we speak we are waiting for our chinese to be delivered, bowling on the Wii and getting slowly drunk, so it’s a bit of a rush job and well…..make your own mind up.  I said I was in so here it is.  It’s quite simply called….



“Oh, bless you.”

“Cheers. So, what’s happening? What’s the plan?”

“Dunno. I was just told to pick you up, drive to this address and watch the house from here.”

“Okeedokee. So, just sit here and wait. What exactly are we waiting for, then?”

“Dunno. Just report back whatever goes into the house and what comes out. Shit like that.”



“Bless you.”

“No, ya numpty. D’ya want a cashew?”

“No, thanks. Give me the shits, nuts do. If I had one of those, it’d go through me like a Porsche. I’d have the billy squits for days. Jesus, I’d be shitting through the eye of a needle for a week. There’d be….”

“Shut the fuck up about your arse problems will ya. A simple no would have been enough.”

“In the nick, when I was there, this con who fucking loved nuts had a cache of ‘em. All kinds of the little fuckers. He used to use ‘em as currency for buying smokes and stuff. But, fuck me! Just the smell of ‘em gave me the tom tits. I’d shit…”

The bullet that ripped through his temple shattered the passenger side window.

“Nuts! Fucking nuts! You’re driving ME nuts! Another stakeout and another fucking idiot. When’s the department gonna give me a decent fucking copper to work with?”

Another bullet exploded from the gun and then, silence.  Nobody saw the million pounds worth of heroin leaving the house. 


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Good or bad, I appreciate them.



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20 responses to “FFF #27 Pushed!…

  1. Short 'n' snappy – like it!And I agree with the 'joke' use of 'eschew'! To me, it's a bit of a pretentious word to fit into normal everyday language ( of course, I probably move in the wrong circles…)

  2. I agree with Sue- I positively eschew its use …Fun piece, and good on ya for the work ethic!

  3. "But, fuck me!"…now I know he was a crim but, David, no need for such imagery :)Great little piece, obviously you were RIGHT into the Easter spirit(s)!!!

  4. Punchy stuff, Dave!Happy Easter, bud.

  5. G

    I'm impressed with the fact that you managed to churn this out in such an incredibly short period of time.

  6. Sue – Thanks. I actually thought the words that Cormac came up with were pretty challenging, especially 'eschew' and it is a word I like. Having more time I would have used it to its true meaning. Chris – Cheers mate. FFF is a challenge and the different words are all part of it. I cheated this week but had reason to. :-)Paul – I couldn't resist him getting the shits with cashews and it just went from there. 🙂

  7. Col – Back at you mate.G – It was a rush but I'm semi pleased with the outcome. Next week's will be an improvement.

  8. I think this may be my new favorite David Barber story.

  9. I really liked the pace of this and I thought you did a fine job. I really enjoyed what you wrote.

  10. Mike – Cheers bud. I surprise myself sometimes. This one was seriously a rush job. Literally, the idea came and five minutes later its done. Thanks again mate.

  11. This was great, as usual, David. I myself am fighting two stories were both are becoming far too long.

  12. billy squits—– Ha…. that's a new one for me! In college we say referred to it as 'tie-dying your underwear.' I actually like cashews….. it's the damn bratwurst& sauerkraut that a tad difficult.

  13. Well shit.Often we (read: me) end up overthinking and our finished product isn't what we were aiming for, but sometimes we just let it roll and you did here, thus something that is decidedly *not* a turd.

  14. Doc

    I'd like to leave a longer comment but now I need to run to the W.C. and take a big book.Sometimes the quickies are the best!Doc

  15. Nice??? That's it? Nice???Fuckin' A as the Yanks say old bean. Fuckin' A!!!

  16. while the words were indeed challenging, David … you knocked it our of the park!

  17. Great story David, as usual. :PIt had me laughing…((Hugs))Laura

  18. Beach, Okjimm, Randal, Doc, Welles, FD, Anthony & Laura. Thanks very much guys. I was on a hiding to nothing with this one but I guess I pulled it off. 🙂

  19. the billy squints was what did it for me and I was rolling on the floor! This was great David, nothing like a little laughter to get me in the game.Have to say sorry for being late – I have a million excuses but none of them are very good so better late than never I always say….

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