Slash & Burn Book Launch…

On Wednesday 31st March, Matt Hilton’s latest Joe Hunter novel “Slash And Burn” was launched at Waterstones in Carlisle.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch as were a few fellow bloggers/friends.  Col Bury, my oldest writing buddy and co-editor of Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers made it, along with Sue Harding (I Refuse To Go Quietly) and her husband Malcolm and Paul Grzegorzek (Paul Grzegorzek’s Thriller and Crime Fiction World).  It was really great to meet like minded people and chat about works in progress etc, etc.

The whole night went well and it was a good turnout for Matt.  He started off with a little Q&A session and then read the prologue of his book before signing copies for the waiting crowd.  It was then on to the hotel wher he’d put on some food and wine.  Thanks Matt!
I must add that it’s the first time I’ve met Matt, although I’d heard a few things about him.  I’ve got to say that he is a complete and utter t………. terrific bloke.  (Couldn’t resist Matt)  He’s a totally down to earth bloke and it was a pleasure to be in his company, and although a lot of his time was taken up being here, there and everywhere he made time to chat to us, giving us an insight into his writing mind, the mind of Joe Hunter and future novels.
So, anyone who hasn’t read his previous 2 novels, well, you are missing some great, fast paced and action packed writing.  Dead Men’s Dust and Judgement And Wrath are now available in paperback and if they are anything to go by then Slash And Burn is going to be awesome. 
It was also a pleasure to meet Matt’s wife, Denise and authors Sheila Quigley and Adrian Magson, again down to earth and genuine people with advice a plenty for aspiring authors.  Thanks guys, it was a pleasure to meet and chat to you.

So, thanks again Matt and good luck with all future projects.



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8 responses to “Slash & Burn Book Launch…

  1. Looks like everyone had a blast. Best of luck to Matt with SLASH AND BURN.

  2. Thanks David. Both of you.It was a great night, made all the better for the great company. Good pics; as usual I forgot to get my camera out.

  3. Looks like Waterstone's is a big fan of a certain former American pretzeldent.I'm definitely going to have to check out his stuff. Hear nothing but great things from you all. May he sell millions.

  4. David, you lucky bastard! Matt has quickly become one of my favourite thriller writers, and Joe Hunter and Jack Reacher are neck and neck for best character.Matt, looking forward to reading the newie…hope it is a great success for you!

  5. Dave it was a crackin' night all round and it was great to see you again, but this time mixing with other writers old n new instead of just little old me n our "writers' line-cum-arc"!Can't wait for the next one…

  6. The night was a balst from my point of view, it was great to meet you Dave, and your dwarfy sidekick, what was the short bloke's name again? But seriously, it was great to be able to turn up having only met you all online and be accepted and make such good new friends. I also totally agree with the comments about Matt, you couldn't meet a nicer fella (except me)…Hopefully the next launch will be yours, mine, Col's or Sue's, then the rest can turn up and heckle!

  7. Congrats to Matt, cheers!

  8. Thanks Cormac, Paul, Col,Crybbe, Randal and the two David's, it means a lot to a budding author when his contemporaries are such a damn fine bunch. Thanks to you all for the support.

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