Just a quick one…

A new ‘blog’ friend of mine has today put up one of the best and most moving posts I have read to date.  It’s short but right on the button.  I’m a pretty sensitive guy, as are most creative/writer/parent type people, but this post really moved me.

His blog is okjimm’s eggroll emporium and is well worth a look see.

Well done mate, that post done it for me…



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7 responses to “Just a quick one…

  1. Sometimes it doesnt' take much to get a point across…Thanks for the link, David.

  2. Good call David – I popped over there and left a comment. Thank you too for the kind and generous comment you left on Brit Grit, much appreciated.Kind regards.

  3. Hey! I know Jim. :PI'll pop over after dinner and have a read.When I read "Just a quick one" I thought you had been in the room with me and hubby last night…. :P((Hugs))Laura

  4. You were so very right on key with this guy. His poetry is exquisite, and the piece was really striking.

  5. Touching.I try not to say the war is 'pointless' because there are people risking their lives daily which is bad enough without them thinking its not worthwhile.

  6. Col, I've just revised my comment on his post. My heart ruled my brain and I didn't think before writing. I still don't agree with the war as it's gone on too long and we are no closer to seeing an end to it.

  7. Will do, been meaning to drop by his place.

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