Some Photos You May Enjoy…

Below are some photos of places close to the area where we live, Crieff.  This post was inspired by David Cranmer, (A blog well worth a browse.) as he’s been posting some travel photos of late and he said he’d be interested in seeing some shots of this area.  It was also inspired by some of the comments on my last post, Always, for Cormac Browns Friday Flash Fiction.  The photo on that post was taken in a place called Fearnan on the north side of Loch Tay and I’m lucky enough to be working there at the moment.

I hope you like the following shots.  And, yes, they are all taken by myself so nobody can do me for copyright etc.

Balquhidder Church – The burial site of Robert MacGregor.  The grave directly in front of the church remains is Rob Roy’s resting place.

Robert MacGregor’s burial site, where his wife Mary and his sons Coll and Robin are also buried.

The gardens of Drummond Castle.  The castle and gardens were featured in the movie Rob Roy, starring Liam Neeson.
A view up Loch Earn, which is around ten miles from where we live.  I was working in this area last year for about 3 week.  I got plenty of words written in my lunch break sat in the sun.
My three year old daughter, Melissa, thinks Cinderella and her friends Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty etc live here.
I don’t know why, but I just love this photo!
The Sma’ Glen, is not so small and this old church and burial site is in a little area called Amulree.
An evening sky on the small loch a mile or so from our home.
“Have you seen my bra?”
Just outside the next village, Comrie, (Where actor Gerard Butler’s mum lives – aparently) there’s a wildlife park ‘Auchingarrich’ and this is one of their numerous Prairie Dogs.

I hope you like the above photos and maybe one or two of them inspire you.  I will post some more over the next week.  Thanks for looking.

You know the drill, leave a comment if you want…as always they are much appreciated.  Later.



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22 responses to “Some Photos You May Enjoy…

  1. Wow, David, thanks so much for sharing these. I was lucky enough to visit Scotland a few years ago and I have been counting the days until I can go back. It's just such an amazing place. These pictures are breathtaking and, indeed, very inspiring.

  2. Thanks Laurita. Before we moved up here, we'd been coming for about 16 years and I have the same photo of the old tree from every year. I'm probably still in the "holiday" frame of mind at the moment and, hopefully, I will be for a long time to come. Taking the surrounding scenery for granted would be a crime.Regards and thanks for looking.

  3. Impressive! The grave of "The Highland Rogue." I would have to bring a bottle to toast. And maybe someday I will. Sharp photos.

  4. Where are my manners!? Thanks for the kind words and the link.

  5. David, if you ever get over here let me know. We could pop down theroad to Scotlands oldet whiskey distillery and get a bottle from there. It's about half a mile from my house and a great drop of single malt, although Famous Grouse now own the distillery, they still make The Glenturret.Thanks for looking my friend and you're more than welcome.

  6. Makes me yearn to get back, Dave. Yep, definitely another trip to the old stomping ground on the cards.

  7. wonderful shots, the gardens are magnificent but the topper is the squirrel

  8. Matt – Let me know if you make it up here. You're more than welcome to drop by.Michael – I had to put that one in. I get a smile on my face every time I look at it.Thanks guys.

  9. Great photos David!The second one has a family connection for me!(that's got you wondering, I guess!!)Really love the evening sky scene! You are SO lucky to live with that landscape on your doorstep!(BTW – Paul Hollis sends his regards and will be putting in an 'appearance' in due course!)

  10. Sue – You're related to Rob Roy???? Or have you got a relative buried there? I'll drop some flowers off for you. :-)Paul Hollis…I certainly like that character, Sue, and look forward to reading more.

  11. Related to Rob Roy – well, sort of, not really – it's a loooong story! (but a peach of a tale!) Remind me to fill you in at Matt's 'do' in Carlisle!

  12. I will, Sue. I'll be there.

  13. G

    Fantastic photos…I especially love the one taken of the sunset…thanks for tanking the time to share a little bit of your world.

  14. God, am envious, mate.Here's me clogged up with the same old Big City crap in Manchester n you've escaped to stunning pastures new. Must get me thinking cap on…I feel a visit on the cards.Thanks for sharing, Dave.Ps. Pissed me sides at that little mite showing his/her nipple – was it a particularly 'nippy' morning? Okay, am gone!

  15. Who's your new follower, mate?WTF!!!You may want to scrub her (not literally…)

  16. Some beautiful shots. Love the evening sky pic, but like you the moss covered roots tenaciously holding an old tree to the ground is one of my favorites also.

  17. //An evening sky on the small loch a mile or so from our home.//Wowzers… do you STAY at home in the evening????..and that shot of the TREE….Shit&Whiskers!!!! that is awesome…..!!!

  18. G – You're welcome. Thanks for looking.Col – Thanks as usual. I've got rid of the weird follower. :-)Mike – Cheers bud. That tree does it for me every time. I've got the same photo from every year we came up here before we moved…and it doesn't seem to have changed.Ok – Thanks mate. I have more to follow. Your daughter will love the scenery up here. Edinburgh has a lot of great countryside as well as awesome architecture.Thanks guys.

  19. David, only just noticed these photos on my blog list. Have to say I agree with you about the photo of the tree…it is captivating, although I couldn't tell you why.The pic of the Loch is quite stunning, too…could imagine feet up and a cold beer in hand, watching that every sundown!

  20. Thanks Paul. I don't know what it is about the tree either. Had some great sunsets since we've been here and a few cold beers watching them.

  21. Dude, fantastic photos. What lovely country.

  22. Randal – Thanks mate, I had a feeling you'd like them somehow. The poet in you. 🙂

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