This And That And A Story…

I know, before any of you ask I missed my old place so I’ve kicked the squatters out and I’m back.  This place is a lot more cosy.  😉

I’ve decorated, let me know what you think.

So, we decided to have a face painting morning and I let my three year old daughter, Melissa, paint mine.  I wasn’t allowed to look until she had finished.  Any similarities..

With this man………………………….

Anyway here’s a little story for a Happy Mother’s Day….

I wiped the cold cloth across her forehead, cooling her hot, sweating skin.
She lifted a weakened hand to mine, her words strained between breaths.

“I have something…to tell you.  Before I…pass over.”

“Shhh, you don’t have to say anything, nothing at all.”

“Yes…I do. You know I’ve always…loved you? Well…”

Tears ran from her eyes. The once sparkling blue orbs now dull and almost sightless.

I wiped the tears from her cheeks, tears welling in my own eyes. My wife continued.

“I…did a terrible…thing. I’m so…ashamed of myself. I had an affair…with your…brother, before he passed…away. I’m so…sorry.”

“I know, darling, I know. That’s why he’s dead and why you’re going to be.”


Please let me know what you think.  You know the drill……



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25 responses to “This And That And A Story…

  1. Nice one David and a very chilling ending. Good stuff, now go and wash your face….Looks like you are having a great family Sunday, enjoy the rest of your day mate.Regards.

  2. Lovely little uplifting story for Mother's Day, Dave!!!Damn good n in so few words n topped with a double murder twist combo thingymejig. You could re-jig it for 6S.Dig the new look, too, but the old was also fine, mate.Regards,Col

  3. Ps. That guy on the left looks like a serial killer.

  4. Cheers guys. Glad you liked the 'happy' story.Col, he is. That's not paint round my mouth…

  5. You had me with the flash. Ha. I was thinking you had this Saccharine style story and chuckled with the last line.Melissa did a excellent job with the make-up and you look nothing like old Pogo.

  6. Thanks David. You are now a permanent fixture on my blog, as well as your e-zine.

  7. CJT

    Wow, kinda saw that coming but not really it was a nice twist! Love the paint job btw, you look smashing!

  8. A very heartwarming tale that ends as it should. With a twist. somtimes short just works best. This proves it.

  9. Nicole, Paul & Mike, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it. It just came to me this morning whilst I was making my wife breakfast in bed. I'm just going to mop her brow. 🙂

  10. First about the picture, I'm very serious when I say clowns freak me out.Second the story was awesome, I could definitely feel the ghost of Hitchcock.

  11. David, lunatics come in all shapes and sizes (take Freddie Flintoff for an example!!) but you really have it going on with that pic!!The story, like Col says, is short, sharp and sweet! Great job…

  12. Whoooooo! Now that was indeed the work of an evil clown!…;-) Nice one old bean!

  13. Crybbe666 – Excuse me??? Freddie isn't a lunatic! He's just a drunken English cricketer!……oh…er…yeah…see what you mean…

  14. Beach – Sorry mate, forgot you didn't like clowns. I have a similar fear of midgets.Paul – Flintoff used to go to the gym I was a member of back in Manchester. He was always shy and retiring when he was in there. Beer turns us all into lunatics. 😉 FD – Hope you had a good 'curry' nigh out.Pleased you all liked the story.

  15. Nice one David! There's nothing scarier than a clown. Oh, there's my next story! By decorating, I thought you meant your face..

  16. Thanks Tina. Never let 3 year olds near face paints. 🙂

  17. Gacy and a chilling last line. That's how I like my horror fix! Cheers Dave, I'm ready for the day now.

  18. Thanks for looking Matt. Glad I got your day off to a good start. 😉

  19. Is it Mother's Day in Britain? Ours isn't until May.How nice that my (former) fellow Chicagoan is so well-known throughout the world. As for the story snippet, the murderer/husband needs a creepy smile. That's how I pictured him saying it, anyways. Kinda like your creepy painted-on smile.

  20. Thanks Uber. My creepy painted on smile took my daughter all of five seconds to do. Took me all day to get the s**t off my face. 😉

  21. So you *are* a clown-painting serial killer. I knew it!

  22. Haha! You DO have a crazy look in your eye. :PCool story! ((Hugs))Laura

  23. Oh my gosh that was scary!!xNow come on David, you always like to put your face on before you go out – just admit it!!xClaire

  24. there is something way not right about this clown…more creepy than funny!

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