Blink, And You’ll Miss It…

Ok, quickly, I’ve just had a piece of micro fiction posted at BLINK INK.  Please take  a look and leave a comment.

Thanks to Lynn Alexander for taking the time to read and publish it.

My piece is called The Death Of Me

You know the drill, leave a comment if you want to…if not, don’t…



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16 responses to “Blink, And You’ll Miss It…

  1. CJT

    Wow! Totally creepy, but totally loved it!

  2. Nice one. Lots of images in such a few number of words!

  3. Hard to plead innocent when you don't believe it yourself. A very very fine piece, David. BlinkInk is a wonderful site…congrats!

  4. Congrats David – I can only agree with the other comments – very well done.Kind regards.

  5. But did you do it????For such a very short story it's amazing how you captured such a dark atmosphere!

  6. Hmmmm… now I'm wondering what he did/didn't do!Great piece. Hard to believe you can catch me with something so short and sweet but , you did!I'm loving it David!((Hugs))Laura

  7. I thought that was a tight arsed bit of Blink-Noir.

  8. Good stuff, sir, good stuff.

  9. The dark, micro side of macro Bohemian Rhapsody, and I mean that as a compliment.

  10. Good to see you leaving footprints on quality sites, Dave. Adept write that, bud.

  11. Dug it, David!! So much said with so little. The perfect blink ink.

  12. David an excellent and chilling piece. Left a comment at Blink Ink a couple of days ago and was getting ready to leave one here but got pulled away. Just realized that I didn't, sorry man. The story definitely had a Hitchcock flair. Great job!

  13. Sheer fear distilled into just 49 words – definitely got the goose-bump factor! Chills down my back, David 😮

  14. Thanks to you all for taking the time to read this and leave me a comment. Much appreciated, guys.

  15. (Slinking in late…………)My comment left at blink ink – "Imagined or real, all things become the truth eventually. Nice."(Slinking back out with eyes averted……..)

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