Don’t Moan About It…Just Write…Additional Comments

This past month or so I have read a few blogs where people were, and still are, saying the same thing. Yet I find it quite hard to fathom out….

“I can’t seem to get words onto the paper/I ‘m really struggling to get my ideas out/blah…blah…blah…”

I can’t find it in myself to have much sympathy with people like that. I’m not a great writer, but I’m trying to work hard at becoming one. It may happen but, then again, it may not. I am the only person who can do something about that and to me the only way of doing that is to JUST WRITE.

“I can’t seem to get words onto the paper/I’m struggling to get my ideas out.”

If you can write 500 or 1000 words on your blogs telling readers that you can’t do this and you can’t do that, surely you can turn those words into your ideas.

There are plenty of things that you can do if you are struggling to write. One of which would be to challenge yourself to a weekly story writing ‘fix’.

Cormac Brown runs a Friday Flash Fiction contest every week. There are no prizes and no winners, but it is a great challenge and a way for you to exercise your brain. It also helps to get you away from your own writing/comfort zone for a while and, who knows, it may give you that kick up the arse and help with your struggles. Just click here to go to the site and check out what goes on. I started doing it back in November with The Photograph and haven’t missed a week since. I’ve found it has helped me a lot with my writing and treading out of my comfort zone once in a while has done me good.

You’ve really got no excuses. I wrote some years ago and after becoming self-employed and a father to two beautiful girls, my writing got put on the “back-burner” because I genuinely thought that I had no time to write. I still wrote some short stories now and again but they weren’t what I wanted them to be and a novel that I started just stopped. It wasn’t until August last year that a great friend of mine and co-editor of Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers……. Col Bury, invited me to submit something. I pondered the idea and then sent a piece of Micro Fiction to him. Sorry, Love was accepted and I’ve had numerous pieces published since, and also a couple on A Twist Of Noir.

TK’n’C and Aton are just a couple of sites where you can submit your work. There are loads of others, so pull your finger out and write.

I think what I’m trying to say is that, instead of writing a 500 word piece about not being able to write, turn it on its head and and turn it into fiction. JUST WRITE.


Just following on from a couple of comments I have received on this, I have not made one penny from my writing and I would sell my soul to the devil to be in a position to be making money from it (Along with thousands of others). With 2 shot knees and 1 kanckered back, tiling doesn’t come at an easy price and I hope that I won’t be doing it for the rest of my life. I seriously would love to make a living out of writing.

I would also love to be in that position where I thought I was ‘gifted’ or I was one of the ‘lucky ones’, and it came easy for me. Like Lee Hughes said, I do also have ideas dripping from every orrifice, but I would also love to have more time dripping along with them, so I could write them all up. I can only dream for the time being….but,

In the meantime, I will JUST WRITE, and see what happens. Thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts…



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24 responses to “Don’t Moan About It…Just Write…Additional Comments

  1. I totally agree, David! I spent years faffing about moaning about how I wanted to be a writer, until one day I just started to write! One novel and tons of stories later, the words are pouring out! My favourite piece of advice is don't get it right, get it written! Thank you my friend! I'm working on the second novel tonight no matter what!

  2. Also don't use exclamation marks. Man, I used a lot in that last comment, sorry.. (!)

  3. Thanks for the plug, mate (as long as I don't have to read more than twenty stories a week)!You have a gift and the will to write, but it's not as easy for others. I hope to get it together to finish a post that breaks writing down into an easier rout.

  4. Maybe that's why the saying writers write came to pass.

  5. It's easier to bitch and moan than to just get on with it I guess. Or maybe we're just the lucky ones who have more ideas than time. Though I'm not going mental like last year to get them done and out. It averaged a story a week, people must have gotten sick of seeing me all over the place lol

  6. You've pretty much summed it up, David. I'll add an "Amen" for good measure.Most of the time, writers block (or the name one wants to give it) is based on the fear of failure; this will never be good enough to get noticed, etc. People get all locked up in this BS and down goes the ship. And as you say, this is when you need to write- freewrite, prewrite, whatever gets the job done.

  7. Well, I am not a writer so I will excuse myself from the hand slapping in this post. :PEven though I have zero talent for story writing, I love reading the works of others and truly appreciate what a wonderful gift it is. I'm so happy and thankful that you decided to devote some time to your writing again.. :)((Hugs))Laura

  8. This is so true! I've been struggling at times with my second novel, but I would force myself to write something on the paper. When I took a break from it, I wrote something I felt like writing (a short story), so even if I wasn't working on my novel, I was still writing. I find that even side projects can help me focus with my main project, which is now coming along nicely.Great post, David!

  9. I agree with you David. For a few years there I faffed about, bemoaning the fact that all the celebrities were the only people getting book deals. Then I realised that no one was going to even look at my books if i didn't get the damn things written. It was the metaphorical kick in the arse that I needed.Nicole, I'm with you. If I find I'm drying up with ideas, my alter ego (Valon Jackson) comes out and writes a horror, noir or humorous crime story. It clears the boards and brings me back to my latest novel fresh and invigorated.Write now, right later. Even if its crap at the time, it'll still have some good bits that can be edited and polished afterwards.Spot on blog David.Matt

  10. David, I agree entirely. I would also suggest somewhere like 6 Sentences as a site to submit micro miction. A great site indeed., we love seeing your work around…you rock.Matt, just read Judgement & Wrath and loved it. Keep 'em coming. I am a huge fan!

  11. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones. I like to write, so I don't know if I ever moan about it, but sometimes, I procrastinate like hell! I'm supposed to be busting through the first rough draft of my second novel – I've been on fucking page 20 for days. I'd rather create short stories, work on my poetry, blog, but those won't pay the bills. Okay, here I go…page 21!!!!!

  12. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and comments on this post. My additional comments aren't directed towards anybody but things that I would have added to my original post if I'd have had the foresight….oh you know what I mean. I just felt I needed to write this post as I was, probably, once a moaner and not a writer.Keep on writing, David.

  13. Rum

    You got it David, and I'm glad to see some of your past work.

  14. Crybbe666 — thanks for the nice comments about my book. Glad to have a new 'fan'. Cheers.

  15. I for one, will not stand for this mindless assault against our inalienable right to complain.(Of course, you're not wrong, but bitching is still fun, muah.)

  16. I think that it's only fair to warn you that Randal has called you out over on his blog… Mmmm hmmm…Don't take his crap. Get your wrestling trunks on and get over there…((Hugs))Laura

  17. Doc

    I found that writing is much like acquiring a new bad habit. If you continue to set aside a certain amount of time for it every week, it gets easier. Not easy, mind you, but easier. Most of my writing time isn't spent at the keyboard. Most of it is spent working the story out in my head. I start with a begining and an end that I would like to work up to. Often the middle bit works itself out as I go along and it usually has the best bits of the tale I'm telling.And I think you are selling yourself short. You have a knack and a talent for this that most people don't. How many people do you know who can't even tell a joke, let alone pen 500 or 1000 words that tell a good story? 1 in 20? 1 in 100? More? As a writer, you have joined a very exclusive club with a very distinguished member's list, as well as a disreputable few who just slink around the bar in back, much like myself. Many complain that they can't join the club, but it is only because they aren't willing to pay their dues like the rest of us.I write for my own enjoyment and don't entertain ideas of making money off of it. Sure, I sold a couple of articles and made $200 once, but for ten years of writing, that wouldn't have covered the cost of my beer.So let the wankers shake their fists at the sky and scream, "I can't write!". You and I know better. C'mon, a couple of comfy seats just opened up at the bar. The first one's on me Mr. Barber.Doc

  18. HA! I never have ideas! Ideas just get in the way! You're correct! If you wait until you have an idea … you will never write!I'm with Randal… it is more fun to just complain…. 😉 I do believe my daughter will be in Edinburgh this April… how is the weather there in April?

  19. Ha! David… thanks for stopping at my blog… I have pretty much given up on serious writing… sarcasm and snark are so much more fun. Do stop anytime! Without much of a conscious effort I seem to have stumbled across some rather interesting and unique people… most of whom I have not the foggiest of where they are. And do not care.Do also check out Frieda Bee M.D, Pulp Friction and Mock Paper Scissors… they are linked on my site….excellent people!!

  20. I hear porn writing is an easy way to clear the head…..for new ideas, what do you think I meant.Not that I would ever do such a thing.BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  21. truer words never spoken. good on you mate. there are fine exercises out there to. try the 5 minute sprint. pick any word or phrase from a poem or story and write for 5 minutes never allowing your pen to stop even if it's gibberish. the idea is to enagage the reptillian portion of your brain and NOT think. great stuff eventually comes. I do this EVERY DAY.

  22. Dave… what can I say? Absolutely brilliant, forthright post, mate, evoking equally insightful reactions. You've created your own writers forum!Looking at your blog I'm so chuffed for (& proud of) you. 27 followers already, 2,700+ hits, short story links in abundance and many great friendships formed. Seems strange to think last summer you were totally unknown wondering what if…? (Like most of us writers have been/still are). You've come a long way in such a short time so keep that momentum, keep chasing that dream and keep on writing! Love yer, man (not 'yer man', YOU!)Col

  23. BBC

    I don't consider myself a writer of stories or books at all, especially of fiction. But I never run out of things to say and blog about. I've written many posts that haven't been posted, and may never get posted.

  24. I missed this post during my brief flirtation with being the productive fix it guy. It spawned a post I am posting today or tomorrow.You are right on target. From my own experience, just pounding out words is better than complaining about not having anything to say.We all get stuck on occasion. Whining about it only ensures we suffer that much longer. Great Post David. I am linking this post. My take is not a repeat I think. Maybe a kind of continuation of sorts. Shit, who knows? I can't find the words……….;)

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