My "Clarity Of The Night" Entry Has Been Posted….

Just a short one to let you know that my entry for the contest over at The Clarity Of The Night has now been posted.

Nature Is Cruel is a totally different story to what I normally write, but I enjoyed playing around with it and I’m pleased with the outcome. I did have two pieces of writing but one was a try at poetry that just didn’t work, so I’ve turned it into a short story and will post it here over the weekend at some point.

The contest is still open so click here to find all the details you need. You can still pass on the word, as the closing date is 13th January.

Hope you enjoy the story and please take the time to leave a comment, either here or with the story……or both. If you have entered the contest, please let me know your story number and I will leave a comment on yours. (There are lot of entries and I will do my best to get through them all).

Thanks and have a good weekend….


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5 responses to “My "Clarity Of The Night" Entry Has Been Posted….

  1. It was a cracker feller. Hope it gets placed and you get some dollar!

  2. It took me a few moments to switch gears. Like you said, not your normal style.I really loved it though! I'm a sucker for a 'love that can never be' type of story.I enjoyed this. Well done David!((Hugs))LauraP.S. I left this same comment over at the other blog as well.

  3. Actually, I thought I'd fallen into a "Johnathon Livingston Seagull" novel at first. 😛 Remember that one?? Okay… I'm kidding. I loved it REALLY!!!!!!

  4. Great story! Glad the crow bought it, years ago while climbing a tree I somehow disturb one and he/she got nasty. I didn't hear anything but a nest might have been close by.

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