Before I settle down and try and get on with some writing from January 1st onwards, I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all my ‘virtual’ friends (And enemies – you never know…)

I’m looking forward to 2010, as it’s our second year up here in Scotland, and as we moved from Manchester with no jobs to come to, we have had a very successful past 12 months. Even though we are in the middle of a ‘supposed’ recesson, there is still work out there….for those who want to go and find it. Both my wife and myself are self-employed (My wife is a Beauty Therapist who ran a very successful business back in Manchester.) We haven’t really been without work this past year. So….A message to all you benefit grabbing, lazy b******s……


If you actually did that, maybe the country could get itself out of the recession quicker instead of handing out benefits to people to piss away in the pub’s, seven days a week…… How you can manage to do that without a job is beyond me. BUT…maybe that’s where we are the stupid ones?

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box now.


1. To write, write, write! I am going to be working on a ‘novel’ I started a few years ago and see how that goes.

2. To be Prime Minister – hence the above comments… :-)……Oooh, just remembered, you need to be able to ‘not give a shit about good people’ to be an Member Of Parliament. Oh well. That’s me out of politics. (Randal. πŸ˜‰ )

3. To not give a shit about people……joking, I don’t want to be a number 2 that much. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.)

4. To get a bit fitter. (Doesn’t everyone say that?)

5. To swear less!
So, as I said earlier……………

P.s. I must apologise to Cormac Brown, as I feel a bit responsible for him digging out and posting all of JJ’s FFF starter sentences after thinking I was going to have time between Christmas and now to do some writing. Sorry, mate. It wasn’t wasted though, I copied and pasted them and will use them as ‘brain exercise’. (I promise I won’t use them as my own starter sentences, that would just be ‘plagiarism’. πŸ™‚

You can leave me a comment if you like……….if not, well (Here goes resolution number 5.) don’t be so fucking miserable………..


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11 responses to “ALL THE VERY BEST FOR 2010…

  1. Happy New Year, David! Good luck with the novel. I'm starting to work on my second on Monday the 4th. I think its a good date because I started the first on Monday 4th May 2009. Success to both of us and happy hogmanay!

  2. All the best David. They can afford it because the government pays for their rent and dental care etc. It is awfully tempting, wonder where I can find a dog on a rope and a wrinkled copy of the Racing Post….

  3. Oh my gawd David. You are hilarious.Please don't stop swearing! It's one of the things I like best about you.Well that was a real knee slapper of a post. I laughed out loud.. causing my children to look up from their video games momentarily and shake their heads at me. All the best in the New Year. I'm looking forward to reading all of the wonderful stories you have running about in your head.((Hugs))Laura

  4. Hi Dave,I agree with Sunshine (apart from the hugs bit!). Cracker of a post, mate. Totally with you on the scum of society bit, too. Don't get me started. All the best to you n yours n hopefully 2010 can be the year you get yourself in print (n I mean for the right reasons…don't go murdering a scumbag!).

  5. Dave, what a laff!! Thanks for kickstarting my New Year with this post. I was thinking, if you run for PM there, I will do it down here in Oz…just imagine the fun we could have!!!All the best, mate, for the New Year, hope Resolution 1 is a success!!!

  6. Happy New Year David to you and your family!Even though we are in the middle of a 'supposed' recesson, there is still work out there….for those who want to go and find it.Keep an eye open for me, as far as politics are concerned I could get ran out of the country.

  7. Cool, my first hangover in a long time. And I spent two hours this morning writing. I feel so Hemingway-esque-although its just the alcohol.

  8. Yes sir! *salute*Happy New Years, David. Here's to writing that novel!

  9. Happy New Year to you David and the best of luck to you with all your writing projects in 2010 – I'm sure it will be a great year for you.Regards and Best Wishes.

  10. To all,Thanks so much for reading my writing the last few months or so, it's has been very encouraging to receive the great feedback and it will spur me on this year as I endeavour to write, write, write!All the best to you all.Regards, David.

  11. Happy New Year, and uh, I'll be right on over, to get on the dole. Only because I want to write and have healthcare at the same time. Like I said on my blog, you don't have to apologize, I needed to post JJ's sentences anyway, to gain a little perspective.

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