2 Friday Funnies…

My “Fursday Funny” has become a Friday Funny this week.

Sorry…….I haven’t put one of these up for a while, so today I’m putting a couple up for your pleasure.

I hope they amuse you and put a smile on your face at this busy time of the year.


Mother Superior was addressing the rest of the nun’s.

“It seems we have a case of ‘chlamydia’ in the convent.”

Silence, until an old nun at the back replies…..

“I hope it’s better than that f*****g chardonnay we had last week!”


Father O’Connor keeps chicken’s in a coop behind his church. One morning he goes to feed them and finds that the cock has gone missing. He knows that there is cock-fighting in the village so at mass he decides to question the congregation….

“Has anybody here got a cock?”

All the men stand up.

“No…no, I meant, has anybody seen a cock?”

All the women stand up.

“No…no…no, I meant to say, has anybody here seen MY cock?”

16 Alter Boys, 2 nuns and a goat stand up.

I hope you enjoy these. As I have said before, these are not my words but text messages that I get sent to me. I don’t mean to offend anyone as they are only a bit of fun. Alternatively, if you are offended I don’t really care………stop being so miserable!
You may leave a comment if you wish. Have a good weekend…


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8 responses to “2 Friday Funnies…

  1. The second one reminds me of Rowan Atkinson's "No One Called Jones" routine. Very clever. If you don't know what I am talking about, have a look:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qffCXkhodks

  2. HA! You know, the nuns I had as teachers when a wee lad never ever ever ever ever looked like that. I guess hiring the living dead was cheaper.

  3. Nice one, Dave. Or should I say two? Not the nun, your jokes!And the Sid James brought back fond memories of all those Carry On films…ooo matron!

  4. Very funny.Anyone that doesn't think they are funny is stupid. ;PI didn't even notice the naughty nun until Randal mentioned her…((Hugs))Laura

  5. Paul, thanks for looking. Left a comment on your latest story. Nice piece of writing.Randal, if only nuns looked like that. Cheers pal.Col, you've gotta love Sid James. Even his photo makes you laugh out loud. Carry On…laughing!!Sunshine, all nuns should be naughty…well, not the old ones! thanks for looking.

  6. Arf, Arf! Nice one (or two) Dave.

  7. It was all a great and much needed laugh.

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