Don’t Blink……Or You’ll Miss It.

Just had my first fifty word piece of micro fiction accepted and published over at Blink Ink.

A Christmas Mistake is up now for your consideration. A big thanks to Lynn Alexander for accepting my work.

So…why not pop over there to have a look and you’ll also find work by Col Bury, Paul D. Brazill, Lee Hughes, Michael J. Solender, Erin Cole and many many more.

Please leave a comment either here or at Blink Ink……….they are much appreciated. Thank you.



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5 responses to “Don’t Blink……Or You’ll Miss It.

  1. Left my comment over to "Christmas Mistake". Jeez 50 words is tough. You pulled it off with style.

  2. Thanks Mike. Appreciate it, mate.

  3. Congrats, Dave!Nice to see you diversifying, mate.

  4. "her breasts were large but her skin had seen better days.."Hmmmm… is this story about me? I'm kidding.My skin still rocks! 🙂 and I do have large breast but anyhow….Great story! At least they are having ..ummm… breast for Christmas dinner! 😀 ((Hugs))Laura

  5. Now that's my kind of Xmas. Great stuff!

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