Tagged For The Story Virus….

I was tagged today by MRMacrum, who had been tagged by Cormac Brown, who had been tagged by I, Splotchy, who started this thing off.
Click on Splotchy first to get the gist of things, then read Cormac’s and then MRMacrum’s and you’ll get to where I went with mine…
Hope you enjoy as realistically this could become HUGE.
Below is the last few lines of MRMacrums and then mine…

“It’s Ghost of Kreestmass Disappoint-ted!” That’s all she said.

“What’s that mean lady? Tell me.”

Her eyes suddenly fixed on something over Jenkins shoulder. Jenkins turned……..

Here’s my addition to this story…

Jenkins turned round and gasped. It couldn’t be, he thought to himself. No goddammed way.

The figure stood dead still. His suit had seen better days and come to think of it, so had his skin. His once muscular chest was puffed out, the ribs pushing against the fabric that now hung loose around his midriff. His hands rested upon his hips, his fingers thin. On closer inspection, you could see bone through the decaying flesh. The trunks he wore over his suit sagged, just about held up by his belt. The once tight fitting fabric of his tights now resembled the skin around a turkey’s neck. His rotten cape hung limp down his back.

Jenkins’s attention was caught by movement on the floor. He looked down at the figures dark boots. The toe of his left boot was moving and suddenly a small rat burst through and scampered across the mall floor.

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Superheroes Past, and I am here to save you from this, this, this giant.”

As he spoke his mandible fell loose, hanging on by the remnants of green muscle.

Jenkins looked at the woman. She didn’t seem to be convinced that the six feet four inch man, well now just over five feet tall and half the weight he used to be, stood in front of them was going to save them from the Ghost of Kreestmas Disappoint-ted.

“Are you sure? Don’t you think you need some back-up? Here, I can call for back-up,” Jenkins said, holding up his radio.

“o eed.” The mandible fell off as he jumped onto the railing next to him. A cloud of green dust puffed out of his right tight as his tibia crumbled.

Crashing and screaming echoed around them.

“Iss is e en ov iss!”

The Ghost of Christmas Superheroes Past leapt from the railing’s, flew a couple of feet and plumetted to the floor below, exploding into a cloud of green dust.

“Oh…..shit. We’re well and truly fuc…”

“No we’re not. Look who’s here.”


That is my contribution to this STORY VIRUS.

I now tag….
Leave a comment if you wish, if not…..don’t and have a crappy christmas.


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13 responses to “Tagged For The Story Virus….

  1. Now see what a committee can do to a perfectly good idea. One person making plans and the plan stays on course. Two people get involved and suddenly the plan has "other possibilities". Toss in a third wheel and magically, there is now anarchy and any resemblance to the original goal is lost. I love it.What a hoot reading the different takes on the original kick off thought.

  2. I'm a little late, but I'm on it now.

  3. Now that's most excellent. This needs to be made into a movie just so I can see the exploding cloud of ghost dust.

  4. I just re-read this again…Disappoint-ted. David, as my wife would say, "you're silly."

  5. Thanks for the invite – will take a look when things aren't as hestic.I've given you an award BTW!Check out me blog.

  6. Great piece, David…laughed the whole way!!

  7. David, please go check out the comments on my blog.Mike

  8. Good stuff, Dave n great idea this – I'll have a pop soon.Dunno what 'hestic' means though. I meant hectic! The flaw of blog commenting: so-called editors can't correct their comments and look like tits!!!

  9. Poor, poor ghost! This was a lovely addition! Thanks for being infected!

  10. These story viruses are alway a trip. Great piece and I lved the scene about the super hero exploding into green dust.

  11. A beaut of a response, and you've surpassed me, sir.

  12. "Iss is e en ov iss!"Exactly right, but apparently not easy for him to say.This is hilarious.

  13. Thanks everyone. It was an honour to be "infected".

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