My Second Story Up At A Twist Of Noir

A big thanks to Christopher Grant over at A Twist Of Noir for accepting my second story.
A Speck Of Dust is now up. It was originally posted on Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers in October. If you missed it first time, why not pop over to ATON and have a look. Click on the above link to read….
Please leave a comment as they are much appreciated. Thank you and enjoy…


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7 responses to “My Second Story Up At A Twist Of Noir

  1. Ooooo! That Stilts was a nasty little bastard, wasn't he? Without giving away the ending here.. I liked the ending. ;P Good descriptions ..liked the irony of the names. That kind of humor never gets old with me. Very good! ((Hugs))Laura

  2. Good stories pack a punch and this one knocks em cold. Just watch for the stylistic niggles – "door" and "door handle" in the same sentence (the handle has got to be attached to the door?), later "… heard the sound of running and ran …"This is nit picking but with the best of supportive intentions. Keep up the good work.Regards,Lewis

  3. Sunshine…thanks again.Lewis…thanks for reading the story and especially for the constructive critique. Comments taken onboard.Regards, David.

  4. Wow, David! Powerful stuff! I write horror, but I love crime and these are good!

  5. Great stuff and loved the ending!

  6. Tina, enjoying your work as well. Thanks.Randal, thanks V much for looking, appreciate the comments.

  7. Hey there–still catching up on my Thanksgiving reading. This was a treat of a story. Looking forward to more.

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