Another "Fursday" Funny…

Well, it’s still raining, the economy is still struggling, the banks are now trying to recoup their money with a little help from a u-turn by the supreme court and so on and so on and so on………

So…have a little read of this and hopefully it will put a smile on your face. If it doesn’t, well……maybe everything has got a bit too much for you……but, you’ve still got your health….hopefully, well….maybe you haven’t, ……oh just read the bloody joke!

A family is driving behind an Ann Summers delivery van when all of a sudden a huge dildo flies out of the back and hits their windscreen.

To try and hide her embarrassment, the mother says to the children:

“Did you see the size of that insect?”

To which, her seven year old son says:

“I’m surprised it could fly…….with a cock that size!”

I hope this brightens your day and puts a little smile on your face. You can comment if you like…



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11 responses to “Another "Fursday" Funny…

  1. LOL!!!Woohoo – Keep 'em coming, Big Boy!!!

  2. That one got a knee slap and a for real LOL from me. Very funny! :P((Hugs))Laura

  3. Hmmm… I'm just noticing on your sidebar a story entitled "Fucked"… I will have to come back after lunch and read that one… sounds good. ;D

  4. It's not what you think……….I don't think!

  5. That's great. Kids are so damn smart, aren't they?

  6. Ooooo it was very good. I swung over and read it.I could see in brackets that it was chiller/microfiction. So don't worry. You had me at "Fucked". 😀 I don't write myself but I enjoy all the short stories of others. I follow a few of the FFF bloggers. It looks like I'm reading your stuff too now! ((Hugs))Laura

  7. What do they say about "out of the mouths of babes?" The damn thing is that I'm sure my son would have known what a dildo was at age seven as compared to me who was in the dark about such things several more years.

  8. Thanks to all for looking and glad it gave you a giggle.

  9. Anyone who doesn't laugh at this is a dick.

  10. My sentiments exactly Randal. They're not mine but if they put a smile on someones face the job done! Thanks.

  11. That brightened my rainy Sunday morning!

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