New Story Up At TK’n’C…

Vincent Mitchell returns to Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers with news of his latest victim.
Roadkill is now up for your pleasure. It is the actual follow-up to Retribution, whereas my last story, A Changed Man, was a catch-up with Vincent Mitchell where he told you about his first victim.
I hope you enjoy this next instalment and would appreciate your comments….good or bad!!
A word of warning…It’s not for the faint hearted.


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7 responses to “New Story Up At TK’n’C…

  1. And it's a utterly fantastically violent adventure, loved it.

  2. Cheers Lee. I aim to please. Good luck with your novel submisson!!

  3. It was a fantasic story, chilled me to the bone but a great story.

  4. Yeah, nasty one that. GOOD nasty, of course.

  5. Just poking my nose in .. looking around. :)We run in the same circles so I thought I'd check your blog out and say hi!I'll be back to read some more…. Take care!((Hugs))Laura

  6. So gorily good I read it thrice!

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