A "Fursday" Funny…

I don’t know about you, but I get loads of funny text messages and emails from friends and probably foes and I think it’s about time I shared a few with you. I have heard, although it may be an urban legend, that some mobile phone companies employ people/comedians to write funny texts for them, knowing that their customers are going to pass them onto their contacts and so on and so on. A good money making scheme if ever I saw one BUT as I say, that may well be an urban myth!!
Anyway, here’s one I received recently that certainly made me laugh out loud…
After no dates or sex for the past five years, a woman is advised to go and see a very good Chinese sex therapist, Dr Wang.
“Herro, prease take a seat.” After taking down her particulars he tells her to take off all her clothes.
“Now, get down on all fours and crar reery, reery fas across to udder side of loom.”
The woman does as she is asked.
“Good, now crar reery, reery fas back over here.”
As she did, Dr Wang shook his head.
“Your probrem is very, very bad. Worse case Ed Zachary disease I ever saw. Very Bad! Dat why you get no man.”
Woman says, alarmed, “Oh my, what’s Ed Zachary disease?”
“It when your face look Ed Zachary rike your arse!”
Not my words but it made me laugh. I don’t think these jokes are under any copyright, as I wouldn’t get them sent to me and thousands other wouldn’t either. I hope you enjoy them and I in no way wish to offend anyone. If you are offended, don’t complain – JUST DON’T READ THEM. It’s only a bit of fun. I will post another in the next few day to help cheer up your day while the rain pours down on us and the Government constantly amaze us with their ridiculous ways in trying to rip us off!!
You can leave a comment if you wish……….


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6 responses to “A "Fursday" Funny…

  1. Ed Zachary the sort of thing that makes me laugh out loud!! Good post David! Cheers.

  2. …phone companies employ people/comedians to write funny texts for them…I heard the same thing. That joke was a damn good laugh, I really needed it.

  3. Al, You're more than welcome. Got an unexpected couple of days off with my daughters (In-sevice days for the teachers????) and was just watching the rain pouring down with them. This is the time for cheeryness!!BB. Glad it cheered you up. There will be more!Thanks for looking.

  4. HA! Once upon a time, there used to be a graduate student here where I work with the name Sandeep Dikshit. I really wish I had printed out a screen shot, for no one believes me.

  5. Nowt wrong with making people smile Dave. Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine.Loved it, bud. Randal – I once had dealings with a chap called Mustapha Shiite…but no one believes me either!

  6. Haha! Funny joke. :)Took me awhile to do the translating from English to Chinese but …. ;D((Hugs))Laura

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