A Welcome Return From Manchester

Hi there. Just got back from Manchester. After a meet-up with my old school bud – and a few drinks – I am now going to try and get this thing off the ground, so please be patient with me.
Hope you like the photo….Col??


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5 responses to “A Welcome Return From Manchester

  1. Dave,If I'd have known you were going to abuse my good faith by uploading pics of this ilk I really wouldn't have bothered showing you how to do it. I feel betrayed. Our relationship has been tarnished forever…ColPs. However, it was great to see you again, bud!

  2. Col….it was just too tempting not to. Be prepared for a few phone calls over next couple of days. Cheers pal!

  3. That's mean we all know Col supports Manchester Athletic

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Just playing about with blog (Re; above comment)

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